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My hourly rate is $275 per hour.

But my usual attorney fee arrangment to defend a consumer in a credit card case is a FLAT FEE of $1,500.

Most of these cases would probably cost more if done on an hourly basis.  But with the flat fee, that is all my clients pay in attorney fees.

Sometimes, I manage to get these cases dismissed very quickly, without much work.  If changing to an hourly fee would result in a savings to the client, then that is what I do.  Why?  Because an attorney's fee must always be reasonable, believe it or not.  The professional rules require it.

This flat fee covers all of my time and services all the way through trial.  It does not cover travel expenses for cases outside of Central Texas. It also does not cover court costs or litigation expenses, but those are very rare.  I don't nickel and dime clients with charges for routine expenses like postage, faxes and photocopies.  So in the vast majority of these cases, the flat fee is all you will ever pay me.
I usually handle counterclaims for violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act on a contingency fee basis, meaning that you don't pay me anything for my work on the counterclaim unless we recover from the plaintiff. 
I provide each client with a written contract for my services that clearly explains all of this.

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